I've been waiting a long time for this item to come back into stock

We understand, it can be frustrating at times. However, dealing with domestic food products from an infrequently travelled route can be quite challenging. We do our best to ensure we keep stock of your favourite items, there can be times throughout the year where we have little or no stock.

We also have many external factors to consider. Items also get damaged in transit, and can often times be delayed. There is also limited space per delivery, so if your favourite item wasn't on this one, it may be on the next.

There are always deliveries arriving every week at USAFoods with fresh grocery products from the USA. We're doing our best to ensure items are in stock.

What can I do?
There are actions you can take to help us understand which products we should put our focus towards.

Leave a review on an item, this lets us know which ones you love more and which ones perhaps aren't worth the trip.
Subscribe to our Notification System. We have a queue of back in stock notification emails being sent for items that return weekly.

Discontinued Product
If A product has not returned in to stock in recent times, it may be a discontinued product. This could be for many reasons, sometimes beyond our decision as well.

If the item can still be found with our search bar, we intend to restock it as soon as we can.
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