I didn't receive an item in my order

If you have received an order from us and an item(s) is missing, please check to see if you have received a refund for this item.

While we do our best to ensure our stock is accurate, errors can happen from time to time. Generally if an item is ordered and then sold out after your order is confirmed you will receive this item unless we find a discrepancy or other issue such as damaged stock.

Our default option for treating out of stock items is a full refund. This will happen before your order is shipped. If you would like your order to be halted if an item is out of stock please let us know in the special instructions field or contact us after placing your order.

If you have received your parcel with a missing item and there is no refund email, please reach out to us using the chatbox or email contact@usafoods.com.au for assistance.
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