How can I find out the best by date of a product online?

USAFoods does not show the best by date for each product as it is a time-consuming task that constantly changes whenever new deliveries arrive. As we are a small family-owned business parallel importing products imported from the USA we can not get the manufacturer's support when it comes to items that don't sell before their best-by date.

Instead we have our USAFoods Best By Date Guarantee policy which can be found by clicking here.

You can make an inquiry about a specific product, but it can take 1-2 days to service this request. Please let us know the 9 Digit SKU of the product

We sell our past best by items at a discount!
These items can be found in our Clearance Category and have their best by date listed in the title. These items are NOT eligible for any refund once sold.

In the event that you do receive an item that is eligible for the USAFoods Best By Date Guarantee, please send us your Order Number, Item SKU and a photo of the product & date to or through the live chat on our website.
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